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This paper provides a synthesis of existing literature on Integrated Distribution Planning and activity in various states, a summary of anticipated changes and new required capabilities, and recommendations for regulators on potential next steps for beginning the transition to IDP.

Curt Volkmann was retained by GridLab to present on emerging best practices for IDP to the Ohio Commission as part of their Power Forward process. In addition to his well-received presentation, given a depth of knowledge on the topic based on work in similar states, Curt authored the attached paper. We believe this report will be particularly helpful for states that are in the process of moving to Integrated Distribution Planning, and need to understand the best practices and lessons learned from states that are further along.

Dr. Michael Milligan (retired from NREL) filed comments at FERC in response to the DOE Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NOPR) requesting that FERC provide support for coal and nuclear plants. GridLab hired Dr. Milligan to file these comments in response to NERC’s comments on the NOPR, which were out of step with other statements that NERC has made. Dr. Milligan primarily noted that NERC is the entity tasked with maintaining reliability and resiliency, and is the right place for studying this concern (if it is a concern) of resilience. Additionally, Dr. Milligan made the point that NERC has been studying the issue of thermal retirements for some time, and has not found that onsite fuel is a requirement or a concern from a reliability perspective.