GridLab provides expert analysis to demonstrate that clean energy is reliable, low cost, and less risky than fossil alternatives.

GridLab helps planners look to clean energy as a first resource by supporting intervenors in utility planning processes. GridLab delivers sophisticated modeling to demonstrate that clean energy is a reliable and cost-effective replacement for fossil generation.

  • Integrated Resource Planning
  • Modeling
  • Clean Energy Portfolios


GridLab provides a roadmap for how to redefine grid planning, markets, and operations in order to support decarbonization.

In redefining century-old reliability constructs ill-suited for today’s grid, GridLab advocates for technology neutral standards and planning paradigms that appropriately value the grid services of clean energy.

  • CleanGrid
  • ISO/RTO Intervention
  • Toward 100% Inverter-Based Grids


GridLab advocates for transparent distribution planning that recognizes the flexibility of distributed energy resources to transform the grid.

GridLab is helping to modernize the physical infrastructure of the grid through direct intervention, expert thought pieces, and comprehensive whitepapers. GridLab has become a leading voice on best practices for grid modernization and distribution planning.

Grid Modernization
  • Integrated Distribution Planning
  • Distributed Energy Resources


GridLab demonstrates that effective electrification of transport and buildings enables a high renewable grid that drives economy-wide decarbonization.

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