Wisconsin’s Roadmap to Net Zero

The The Achieving 100% Clean Energy in Wisconsin Report, produced by Evolved Energy Research, GridLab, RENEW Wisconsin, and Clean Wisconsin, analyzes various pathways for the state to rapidly draw down carbon emissions over the next three decades. The study uses advanced power systems modeling and the latest clean energy technology and cost data to demonstrate viable pathways for Wisconsin to achieve significant carbon reductions. The report finds that transitioning to 100% clean electricity while eliminating carbon emissions from the building, transportation, and industrial sectors, is the most cost-effective method to reduce emissions in Wisconsin. Costs are comparable to the cost of only reaching a 100% clean electricity standard by 2050 but deliver far more economic and health benefits.

A companion study, The Economic Impacts of Decarbonization in Wisconsin, by Cambridge Econometrics, analyzes the economic and employment impacts of this economy-wide transition to clean energy in Wisconsin. The report finds that transitioning to a net-zero economy will reap dramatic benefits for Wisconsin’s economy, creating 68,000 additional jobs and boosting Gross State Product by 3% in 2050. Wisconsin’s labor market is well prepared to meet these new labor needs, with 5,000 engineering degrees and certificates awarded annually. The employment opportunities will encompass all skill levels, part of a more inclusive economic transition.

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