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Expert Fellowship Program


GridLab provides technical expertise to organizations that are working to advance the clean energy transition andpreserve system reliability. GridLab leverages its pool of experts to support technical interventions in regulatory dockets to support better outcomes for clean energy, and to provide thought leadership on the technical challenges of the transition. While GridLab has been successful in developing a pool of over 100 experts, the demand for more trainedpower industry professionals to support the clean energy advocacy community continues to grow. In addition, many large consultancy firms are not able to work with GridLab or its partners due to conflicts of interest with utilities and ISO/RTOs. GridLab is uniquely positioned to address this challenge due to its position as a non-profit that connects the technical consulting industry and clean energy advocates.

The purpose of the Expert Fellowship Program is to grow the field of experts that can provide technical assistance to the clean energy community. The program will achieve this goal by providing funding, training, and advising to mid-career industry professionals who have recently (within the last 3 months) or are planning to imminently start an independent consultancy that could serve the expert domains of interest to GridLab. Our intention with this fellowship is to grow the expert pool that will serve the clean energy community for many years to come.


The program aims to generate new experts available for contracting technical services in support of the clean energycommunity. The process will begin with a confidential application and interview process, selection of a program Fellow, negotiation of a Fellowship Contract, and conclude with an expert induction. Since program participants may still be employed and may not wish to terminate their employment unless they receive fellowship funding, the application and interview process will remain confidential even if applicants are not selected.

Depending on the program funding and GridLab’s goals for the following year, one or more Fellows may be selected.

What will fellows receive from the program?

  • Approximately 500-1000 hours of guaranteed contract work spread over 1 year, paid at a rate commensurate with Contracting for additional scope may be allowed above and beyond this amount during the contractperiod.
  • Direct engagement in GridLab supported projects
  • Co-branding with GridLab and partners on public reports, blogs, presentations,
  • Professional development support (e.g., sponsorship for professional conference participation)
  • Access to the GridLab expert and client networks

Who are we looking for? A good fit means….

  • You do not have prior consulting experience as an independent consultant, or have been an independent consultant for less than 3 months.
  • You must have demonstrated expertise that is relevant to GridLab’s The suite of activities that GridLab engages in is broad, but you must be able to articulate how your envisioned consulting activities contribute towards GridLab’s mission of providing technical assistance to the clean energy and/or grid reliability advocacy community.
  • You should be interested in working with GridLab partners and
  • You must be legally eligible to enter contracted work within the United


  1. The program’s main goal is to encourage experienced power systems professionals to start an independenttechnical support business that can be an asset to the clean energy advocacy community. For this reason, independent consultants that are already well established in the space (have operated as a consultant or expertfor GridLab or its partner organizations for 6 months or more) are not eligible.
  2. The program will also not accept applications from existing employees of companies that already havecontracted with This would place GridLab in a conflict with these organizations and would not serve theprimary purpose of expanding the network of experts able to serve the clean energy advocacy space.
  3. GridLab will reserve the right to terminate the fellowship if the Fellow fails to perform as outlined in theconsultancy


  1. Please send your resume and/or CV to this email address: with the subject line “GridLab Expert Fellowship”
  2. Please complete this confidential application (reprinted below) here: GridLab Expert Fellowship


    1. Application Form
      • Are you currently an independent contractor? If so, when did you incorporate your business?
      • Why are you interested in the Fellowship Program?
      • Why are you interested in becoming an independent consultant?
      • What expertise do you have that you think would be most valuable to clean energy advocates?i. Please list specific training/education, experience, and projects that you have completed that are related to the work GridLab engages in.
      • Have you ever participated as an expert witness, legislative advisor, regulatory staff, or similar role?
      • How are you planning to price your services? (hourly, project based, retainer?)
      • Would there be any states, regions, or areas where you could not provide technical assistance due to conflicts of interest or non-compete agreements with your current or former employers?
      • Please select which of the following domains you have expertise:
        • Data Analysis
        • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
        • Economic Analysis (e.g., cost/benefit analysis)
        • Capacity expansion modeling
        • Natural Gas Planning/Engineering
        • Energy Justice/Equitable Transition
        • Distribution Grid Modernization
        • Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)
        • Technical education/communications
        • Legal proceedings in the Power Industry (FERC, State Regulatory)
        • Meteorology / renewables forecasting
        • Transmission Planning/powerflow analysis
        • Distribution system power flow analysis
        • Load forecasting
        • Inverter Based Resource (IBR) modeling and analysis
        • Power System Project Management
        • Regulatory analysis
        • Resource Adequacy/Production Cost Modeling
        • Renewable Energy or Transmission Siting and Permitting
        • Experience with commercial/proprietary planning tools
        • Other (Please specify)
      • Please provide a copy of your resume/CV, and any work products that you believe demonstrate your skills as a technical expert.
    2. Confidential Interview
      • Selected applicants will be asked to join a confidential interview with GridLab staff. Interviewees will be asked to provide further details from their application responses and resume/CV.


GridLab is a national non-profit that provides technical grid expertise to enhance policy decision-making and ensure a rapid transition to a reliable, cost-effective, and low-carbon energy future. Since inception in mid-2017, GridLab has been highly effective and has positioned itself as the leading technical partner for clean energy advocates. Our technical assistance supports advocates in integrated resource planning, transmission planning, grid modernization and distributed energy resource planning, and industry thought leadership on a range of clean energy issues. More information about our work can be found at

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