GridPath RA Toolkit

Robust and thoroughly vetted resource adequacy analyses will be critical to maintaining reliable supply as the power sector undergoes the clean energy transition. Stemming from a collaboration between GridLab, Moment Energy Insights and Blue Marble Analytics, the GridPathRA Toolkit supports advanced resource adequacy analysis for the Western United States. It advances the characterization of three phenomena that will be increasingly important for understanding RA in future power systems: weather-driven relationships between load and resource availability; capabilities and constraints of energy limited resources; and transmission flows and regional coordination. 

A core purpose of this initiative was to develop an advanced, publicly available, and transparent toolkit for resource adequacy analysis — the Toolkit leverages publicly available data and the GridPath open-source power system platform. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Toolkit, a Western US 2026 resource adequacy analysis case study was developed. Three portfolio compositions were analyzed to inform near-term planning decisions. The case study describes near-term RA risk, the value of coherent weather datasets, and opportunities for efficient solutions to mitigate RA risk.   

The GridPath RA Toolkit refers to both the datasets and the algorithms that were developed to support the 2026 Western US case study, which can be downloaded from this site. The Toolkit can be leveraged by regulators, utilities, researchers, and other stakeholders to conduct independent and publicly accessible RA analysis. The GridPath RA Toolkit study was presented at a public webinar hosted by the Energy Systems Integration Group. Download presentation View recording

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