Meet Our Experts

GridLab relies on a network of independent experts and consultants to support its modeling and technical reports, and provide credible expert testimony in contested dockets. Since 2017, GridLab has developed relationships with over 70 experts, and continues to expand its network. GridLab experts are versed in a variety of clean energy topics, including power systems modeling, grid reliability, distribution system planning, resource planning, transmission planning, and more.

GridLab currently recognizes the need for additional expertise in reliability planning, transmission planning, gas distribution analysis, and general power systems engineering, and is actively engaging new experts on these topics. We encourage those interested in joining our expert network to reach out to our team here.



John F. Fazio

Michael Goggin

Elaine Hart

Dr. Fredrich Kahrl

Warren Lasher

Nicholas W. Miller

Dr. Michael Milligan

Nick Pappas

Ryan D. Quint

Justin Sharp

Anna Sommer

Curt Volkmann

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