Multistakeholder Perspectives from eLab Accelerator

Over the equivalent of two and a half days in the summer of 2020, a team of ten experts from AEE and GridLab, with backgrounds working at ISOs/RTOs, technology companies, policy organizations, federal and state regulatory agencies, and independent consultancies met virtually at e-Lab Accelerator to think critically about how to remove barriers to the participation of distributed energy resources (DER) in wholesale markets.

The team developed a consolidated set of principles around eligibility for market participation, communications and metering requirements, performance measurement, and coordination. Midway through the team’s work, when FERC Order 2222 was released, the team focused its discussions on how these principles could support the forthcoming compliance process, and identified a set of recommendations to RTOs/ISOs. This report can serve as a useful contribution to solutions in the near and long term on DER participation in wholesale markets.

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