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Ric is responsible for GridLab's operations and execution. A recognized leader in renewable energy technology and policy, Ric has provided engineering support for more than 8 GW of utility scale solar projects worldwide, including several of the largest projects in the world. 

Prior to GridLab, Ric was at Black & Veatch for 12 years where he was instrumental in building the global renewable energy consulting practice. While at Black & Veatch, Ric provided expertise to the Energy Foundation China program and had leadership roles on a number of high profile policy studies including 20 percent Wind Energy by 2030, and the California Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative.

Ric has a BSEE from Duke University and a Master's in Renewable Energy Policy from CU Boulder.



Paul Brucke

Paul Brucke, Principal Engineer at Brucke Engineering, is a solar PV system design and engineering expert with 18 years of electrical engineering experience. Prior to moving into the solar industry in 2009, he worked in the semiconductor micro-electronics industry, designing DC power supplies, control circuitry and chip architecture for over 10 years.  Paul has worked in leadership roles at Strata Solar, Black & Veatch, and Cypress Creek Renewables before founding his own firm.

Paul is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states, a NABCEP certified solar installation professional, a Senior Member of IEEE and the IEEE 1547 Revision Working Group.

Current project for GridLab:

GridLab has deployed Paul to a North Carolina PUC Interconnection working group on behalf of North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.


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Dr Clack is the CEO, and founder, of Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC (VCE). He is pursuing a path that leads the way for a more intelligent electric power system design, here in the US and abroad. Dr Clack has been at the forefront of the energy optimization world for many years. Dr Clack can be characterized as an expert in mathematics, statistics and optimization. He combines this expertise with the gained skills of numerical weather prediction, electrical engineering, and economics. Dr Clack works with a variety of stakeholders to study the energy transition using the VCE WIS:dom optimization model.