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gridlab is hiring an operations manager.

GridLab is a non-profit with the mission of enabling grid transformation for a clean energy future. We are in search of an Operations Manager to help accelerate our project and grow our team.


The Operations Manager reports to the Executive Director. The Operations Manager is responsible for a broad number of activities relating to GridLab’s communications, project execution, and fundraising.


The Operations Manager is responsible for assisting the Executive Director with a number of key initiatives such as the collaboration platform, “network of experts”, content development and delivery, and communications. The core job responsibilities include:

  • Taking ownership of “theGridLab” collaboration platform, managing membership, and monitoring and enhancing engagement on the platform.
    • Schedule and develop content for quarterly update calls with the platform.
    • Develop and manage crowd-sourced content reports and documents.
    • Conduct an end of year survey with participants
  • Lead development of an online library of existing and new material.
    • Develop and maintain online annotated bibliography of key materials in several categories
  • Develop and assist with deployment of training webinars and in person events, either by GridLab experts or staff.
  • Manage and maintain the relationship with GridLab’s “network of experts”
    • Develop agenda and resources for quarterly calls with experts.
    • Identify non-GridLab opportunities for expert engagement and alert experts
  • Manage contracts with experts for technical assistance projects.
    • Lead intake efforts, screening initial requests to GridLab for technical assistance, training or other support.
    • Manage contract execution and assist in scope development.
    • Manage invoices and payment.
    • Monitor deadlines and deliverables.
    • Work with experts to close out projects and develop “lessons learned” materials.
  • Assist the Executive Director in organizational development
    • Lead and manage GridLab social media presence.
    • Assist with grant writing and fundraising.
    • Assist in developing materials for quarterly board meetings.
    • Monitoring the overall policy landscape for potential arenas for GridLab engagements.
    • Create and maintaining tools and systems that support the operations and projects at GridLab (e.g. CRM systems).
  • Ensuring a range of administrative tasks that support the organization are completed, such as processing invoices, scheduling meetings, taking and distributing notes from calls.


  • Familiarity with energy technology, markets, and policy.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Self-starter who can work with Executive Director to set and execute priorities.
  • Excellent time management skills with the ability to plan, organize and prioritize workload and handle several tasks simultaneously.
  • Passion for clean energy


  • Understanding of energy markets, RTO’s, Distributed Energy resources
  • Engineering background.


This position is based at GridLab’s Oakland CA office,  remote candidates will also be considered. This is a full time salaried position. Start date: March 1, 2018.


Please submit a resume, a cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for the job, and several writing samples to ric <at> gridlab <dot> org.


GridLab is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing expertise for grid transformation.  We started in 2017 and have made a big impact in a short time, with projects all over the US. This is an opportunity to engage at time when GridLab is growing and to help define its mission. More information about GridLab can be found at