Vice President, Power Sector Transformation, Energy Innovation

Sonia is a Vice President at Energy Innovation, leading the Power Sector Transformation and Energy Policy Solutions programs. Sonia directs America's Power Plan, an effort to uncover and spread policy solutions for clean, reliable, and affordable power. She also leads Energy Policy Solutions, determining which policies make the biggest difference for the climate. Before her work at Energy Innovation, Sonia managed an international climate and energy research program and advised clean energy companies.



Vice President, Renewable Energy Policy, NextEra Energy ResourcesWindLogics
Board President, Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group

Mark Ahlstrom is Vice President of Renewable Energy Policy for NextEra Energy Resources and WindLogics, NextEra’s subsidiary known for meteorology, energy analytics and renewable energy integration. NextEra is North America’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun. Mark is particularly interested in the integration of variable generation into power systems and electricity markets. He is actively involved at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG), and many other activities across North America to support the economic and reliable use of higher levels of clean energy. Mark is currently the President of the UVIG Board of Directors.



Regulatory Director, Interstate Renewable Energy Council

As the Director of IREC’s Regulatory Program, Sara Baldwin Auck develops and oversees IREC’s national regulatory engagement strategy on distributed energy resource policies, in coordination with IREC’s Regulatory Team.  Sara is a co-author of IREC’s latest publication, Charging Ahead: An Energy Storage Guide for State Poliymakers (April 2017) and led the development of the first-of-its-kind National Scorecard for State Shared Renewable Energy. Prior to joining IREC, Sara was a Senior Policy Associate for Utah Clean Energy, where she directed and implemented strategic clean energy policy and regulatory efforts in Utah and the West. During her 10-year tenure, Sara served on Utah Governor’s 10-Year Energy Initiative, Energy & Environment Subcommittee and contributed to Utah’s 10-year Energy Plan (2011). Sara was named one of “Utah’s Enlightened 50″ by the Community Foundation of Utah in 2012 and served as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance.