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GridLab Testbed Management

One of the most challenging tasks of the Grid research is the establishment of actual prototype or even production Grids, requiring creation and maintenance of both the technological and political infrastructure. This WP takes care of all the activities necessary for deploying and running a large-scale Grid testbed, providing a prototype of future production Grids. The GridLab testbed is available to all other work packages for development, testing, evaluation, and deployment of new components. While the core resources of the testbed are provided by GridLab partners, we actively encourage other EU and US sites and testbeds to join and expand the GridLab testbed and to enable inter-grid experiments. Results of testbed experiences are published in series of documents disseminated through the Global Grid and other forums.

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  • P. Holub, M. Kuba, L. Matyska, and M. Ruda: "Grid infrastructure monitoring as reliable information service." In The 2nd European Across Grids Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, January 2004. To be published by Springer Verlag as a part of Lecture Notes in Computer Science during summer 2004.
  • WP 5 deliverables can be obtained here.

GridLab: Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed is co-funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (IST-2001-32133).
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