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Our Mission

The primary goal of our work package is to develop a Grid portal development framework that we call GridSphere. GridSphere provides an open-source portlet based Web portal that offers support for developing portlets and customizing websites online. GridSphere is, in fact, a generic environment for developing just about any Web application. However, the ultimate aim of the GridSphere project is to develop a set of well-integrated, easy-to-use portlets for utilizing Grids to collaborate online, perform computations, manage & visualize data, and to gain access to a wide variety of value-added services. To this end, we are also developing a high-level application programmer interface (API) for developing customized Grid-enabled portlets.

Design Goals

Much like the Grid Application Toolkit, GridSphere is intended to be a generic toolkit that enables developers to plug in their own Grid technologies as required by their user communities. The GridLab approach is to encapsulate the appropriate levels of abstraction in an API, as determined through real-world use-cases, and to support that API with modular services that leverage off emerging standards in the Web and Grid communities. Indeed, by implementing and leveraging off standards like the Portlet API, we hope to make our work accessible to a larger target audience. But Grid portals are only as good as the underlying Grid technologies that support them. GridSphere's strength lies in its support for the use of GridLab services to provide access to Grid resources.

Community Outreach

GridSphere is still very much in development. Yet it has already acquired a large user base within the Web and Grid portal development communities. Moreover, GridSphere was designed to serve the needs of user communities for which the GridLab Project was commissioned. These user communities include the researchers at the Albert Einstein Institute as well as the researchers and developers that make up the GridLab Project. Thus, our work package is actively engaged in developing two production portal environments, the AEI Portal and the GridLab Portal, respectively.

GridLab: Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed is co-funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (IST-2001-32133).
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